Robust housing for power distribution units in commercial vehicles

Power Distribution Units (PDU) handle the power distribution in electrically powered commercial vehicles. Optimal protection of your electronics is essential for the reliable function of the modules. Housing systems from ROSE are perfect for this task: They are extremely robust and can be individually adapted as PDUs.

The empty housings made of aluminium, stainless steel, polyester, ABS or polycarbonate protect the built-in components from water and foreign bodies and have at least IP65 protection. Aluminium housings from ROSE also offer a very high level of EMC protection and withstand even corrosive stress. The polyester housings are also weatherproof and flame retardant and very impact resistant.

ROSE does not supply off-the-shelf housings but customizes almost every one of its products. The services not only include mechanical processing such as milling, drilling, engraving or thread cutting. On request, the housings can also be sandblasted, passivated and powder-coated or painted in the customer’s corporate design. If required, ROSE also takes on the assembly of the housing with the necessary electronics. If none of the standard housings meet the requirements of the application, ROSE Systemtechnik will develop a special solution together with the customer.