Replace Panel PCs in next to no time

With the unique QuickLock quick-change coupling from ROSE Systemtechnik, defective Panel PCs can be replaced immediately in the event of a malfunction. Long and expensive production downtimes are a thing of the past.

Replace Panel PCs in record time

The QuickLock quick-change coupling enables panels to be replaced in record time: A single worker can change the panel without tools in just 30 seconds. The PC is simply plugged onto the coupling and clicks into place. No special prior knowledge is required.

The patented quick-change coupling is suitable for mounting on feet as well as on support arm systems from ROSE and manufacturers (Ø 48 mm). The moment of resistance of the turn-tilt axis is infinitely adjustable so that different turning and tilting angles can be selected as required.

Quick access to connections and interfaces

QuickLock has connections and interfaces that are easily accessible and at the same time protected from unauthorized access. Panel PCs can be easily and conveniently connected via the 100 spring-loaded gold contacts of the QuickLock. In addition, the quick-change coupling offers four USB 2.0 ports, one USB 3.0 port, three Ethernet interfaces and an additional HDMI port for connecting a second monitor.

Change of panel PCs takes place smoothly

New panels can be put into operation immediately after being replaced, as a storage medium in the connection area of ​​the support arm system stores the configuration data. The new control unit is recognized immediately and registered on the respective system or in the computer network. The automatic reset of the replaced panel to the state before the fault also ensures a smooth change.

In addition to the QuickLock quick-change coupling, ROSE Systemtechnik offers industry a broad portfolio of HMI solutions. In addition to panel PCs, embedded PCs and industrial monitors, this also includes control housings, support arm systems and height adjustment systems.