Perfect corrosion protection

Enclosures for maritime applications must not only be absolutely watertight but also corrosion-resistant. ROSE Systemtechnik manufactures enclosure solutions that meet the high requirements of Lloyd’s Register of Shipping and the certification company DNV. The products are resistant to seawater and insensitive to UV radiation.


ROSE’s enclosure systems for maritime environments include versions made of both stainless steel and aluminum. While the stainless steel enclosures are made of V4A steel (CrNiMo steel) and are inherently corrosion-resistant, the aluminum enclosures undergo a special surface treatment.

ROSE offers its seawater-resistant enclosure systems in various configurations: In addition to passivation or chromating, options include priming with a 2k primer thick layer, coating with a high-quality polyester powder or topcoat, and hardener. The coating also covers the external joints of the enclosure and grounding points. Fastenings receive thread lubrication to protect against seawater.

All ROSE enclosure systems have a standard protection rating of IP 66 (according to DIN EN 60529). By using different seals, the protection rating can be increased to IP 67, IP 68, and IP 69K. Seals made of PU foam or neoprene, as well as silicone round cord seals, ensure the absolute tightness of the enclosures. If the available enclosure systems do not fit, ROSE also manufactures custom solutions.

The seawater-resistant enclosures undergo regular rigorous quality tests, including salt spray storage according to DIN EN ISO 9227. Upon request, ROSE also tests the enclosures, including the installed components.