Comfortable working in every situation

ROSE Systemtechnik‘s tried-and-tested GTV height adjustment system is now available as a smaller and much lower-priced version. GTV light was developed especially for panel PCs and control enclosures weighing up to 25 kg. From November 28 to 30, ROSE is presenting this new product for the first time at the SPS IPC Drives trade fair in Nuremberg.

GTV light is designed to simplify the setting up of ergonomic HMI workplaces in firms. The height-adjustment system makes it possible, for example, to adjust panels of equipment used in multi-shift operation easily to the needs of each individual user. Even complicated programming procedures are much easier with GTV light, because the operator can carry out his or her work at the machine control unit either standing or sitting down.

GTV light is especially suitable for use with machine tools, packing or printing machines and in assembly automation, automobile manufacture and process monitoring. The GTV light is a component of the successful GTN II suspension system, so the system can easily be integrated in new or existing machinery. The cable channel is easy to access, so laying cables in the GTV light is very easy. The spatial separation of the channel from the mechanical components prevents both pinch and shear points. Installing or replacing cables at a later date is easy.
Adjustment is stepless.

Installing or replacing cables at a later date is easy.
Adjustment is stepless.The user has many options for adjusting the GTV light to meet his or her individual requirements. For example, he can specify the end stops and the load range and fix the panel in the required position. GTV light also offers abundant flexibility in situations with confined space conditions, because the control panel can be swung upwards out of the operating area. This maintains the operator‘s freedom of movement and view of the production process. These features allow machine manufacturers to create added value for their customers and to stand out from the competition.

GTV light allows both suspended and upright mounting of the control enclosure. Panel PCs in Siemens‘ PRO series can be integrated by using components in ROSE’s GTN II and GTS suspension systems and panels from Beckhoff and B&R by means of control-side adapters in the form of 48 mm diameter round tubes.