Ideal working conditions – ROSE presents a new family of standing pillars with many features

Industrial operating units need to be easily accessible and operable for workers at any time. This is very easy with the help of the new standing pillar family from ROSE: This system offers a wide variety of connectivity options and can be ideally configured to the height of each individual worker. ROSE will present this new product line for the first time at the SPS in Nuremberg from November 8th until the 10th, 2022.

The standing pillars special feature is their modularity; ROSE equips them with varying connection options if requested. As an example, VESA 100 and VESA 75 interfaces, in-house flat panel adapters, as well as our own support arm couplings or mounts for mobile devices. With that, the user gains the ability to connect tablets, panel-PCs or control enclosures to the standing pillar if required. Additionally, the standing pillars can be fitted with an extension box for the inclusion and convenient operation of command devices if requested.

The new standing pillar range originated from customer-specific requirements. They expand the already existing ROSE stand systems, Moterm I and II which use gas-pressured springs with foot control to regulate the height easily and quickly. Moterm I consists of desk stands in a fixed or manually adjustable version with heights from 1038mm to 1058mm. All variants are available with two or four rolling systems. The Moterm II line is available in three fixed (1059mm, 1081mm, 1128mm) and two adjustable heights (1128mm, 1149mm). Those models are delivered with stands for mounting on the ground or with four rollers and a fixture brake.

Now ROSE offers the industry even more flexibility with their new standing pillar line: those systems can not only be manufactured in individual heights but also be equipped with a number of accessories. “We want to offer the maximum amount of flexibility and ergonomics to the customer” quoting Tobias Büsching, product manager HMI at ROSE. Constructors will now have a lot more options than before when it comes to ROSE stand systems. Customer-specific solutions are still happily developed by ROSE if requested – after all, this is a key unique selling point of the automation specialists from Porta Westfalica.