Explosion-safety in the processing industry – flameproof enclosures assure safety

Explosible atmospheres are found in numerous locations in industry. They necessitate special precautions and safety concepts, in order to assure the safe use of electrical equipment. ROSE Systemtechnik’s flameproof Ex d enclosures assure optimum solutions for explosion-safety.

“The encapsulation of non-certified components and equipment for use in explosion-endangered zones is a great challenge, particularly for the processing industry”, reports Nurullah Palamut, head of explosion-proof products at ROSE Systemtechnik. Within the EU, the requirements for the safe use of electrical equipment in explosion-endangered areas are strictly regulated by the ATEX directive. Adherence to far-reaching national and international directives, provisions and standards is necessary, in order to assure maximum safety during operation. “Components and small items of equipment which constitute a potential ignition source can be made safe for use in explosion-endangered areas by means of pressure-proof encapsulation inside an enclosure of ignition protection category Ex d”, Palamut continues.

Ex d enclosures for the most diverse range of applications

ROSE Systemtechnik supplies enclosures incorporating pressure-proof encapsulation in various sizes and types for use in various groups of gases and service-temperature ranges. The enclosures experts from Porta Westfalica thus provide industry with a broad spectrum of solutions for the safe encapsulation of electrical equipment.

Whether as simple distribution boxes for energy, sensor signals or complex control systems – ROSE’s Ex d enclosures cover an extremely large and diverse range of requirements in industrial environments. All the aluminium enclosures of the TBE, EJB, GUB and IJB series comply with degree of protection IP 66 in acc. with DIN EN 60529, signifying that they are dust-tight and water-tight.

ROSE’s Ex d enclosures are used, in particular, in the processing industry, in oil and gas, chemicals and pharmaceuticals companies, for example. They are also used in control and instrumentation applications. ROSE supplies in its Ex d range both stainless-steel and aluminium enclosures. Customised modifications and/or surface finishes – including sight glasses and paint systems – can also be implemented, depending on the particular type of enclosure. ROSE can, at the customer’s request, also produce special-type enclosures and perform all machining work and installation of the products.