Augmented Reality makes the housing and panel PC come alive

The products from ROSE Systemtechnik are now coming directly to the customer’s factory with an augmented reality application. Using a smartphone or tablet, users can experience live what the housing and panel PC would look like on their machines. The AR application is browser-based and therefore works without an additional app.

With the augmented reality application, ROSE offers machine and plant manufacturers the opportunity to place their housing systems and panel PCs virtually on their own machines. In this way, potential customers can quickly and directly record the product properties and immediately see how the housing and HMI solutions fit into their own machine.

The AR application was developed by the Münster-based company Cynapsis Interactive GmbH. All that is required for use is a standard smartphone or tablet, with which a QR code is scanned. A window then opens in the device’s Internet browser: it shows the selected ROSE product in a 3D view in front of the respective real background that the mobile phone camera is showing at that moment. By moving the mobile end device, the virtual ROSE product can be combined with one’s own machine as desired.

ROSE marketing manager Katharina Lange is enthusiastic about the new augmented reality application: “The tool enables the user to view our products realistically and up close – as if they were in the same room as him.”

The first AR products from ROSE include customer-specific solutions as well as the new SL 5000 control housing and the Panel PC S-Line Gen.5. – more visualizations will follow shortly.