After-sales service

We want to know that our customers are completely satisfied!

We want to know that our customers are completely satisfied. This is why we manufacture our products with the greatest care and to the very highest quality standards. We also provide, in addition, numerous services and will poll you at regular intervals for your wishes and suggestions. Because: there are always things that can be done better!

If it doesn't fit: ROSE's returns service

Have you ordered from us a product that doesn't quite match up with your application? We will be pleased to check whether we can take it back.

To save annoyance and money: our Technical Application Consulting service

This service is aimed at assisting you in avoiding incorrect use of our products. Our technicians will take a precise look at the planned applications and will provide application recommendations for you. We can thus avoid expensive damage and save you annoyance and working time.

We'll manage it: Claims Management

It can happen, that an enclosure is defective, and that trouble-free functioning is no longer assured. The ROSE claims management system exists for such cases: our technicians will examine the problem and provide a fast and uncomplicated remedy.

Replacement service/spare-parts service

We replace any defective products immediately. If you need a new component, due to wear, damage or loss, we will send you a replacement at short notice. Our aim is always to keep downtimes in your company at short as possible.

Customer surveys: Are you satisfied with us?

We are very interested in our customers' wishes and suggestions, because only they enable us to make good products. We perform surveys at regular intervals, in order to find out what our customers want. The replies are directly incorporated into our product development. The results: enclosures and supporting-arm systems that have proven their capabilities in practice millions of times.

For those in a hurry: Express deliveries

Failure of a system component in production can quickly become very expensive. For this reason, we at ROSE provide an express-delivery service: the desired product gets to you within the shortest time possible, reducing your system's downtime significantly. You thus boost your company's productivity and save hard cash!