IP degree-of-protection tests: Test for resistance to dust and water

All of ROSE's standard aluminium enclosures conform to Degree of Protection IP66 in acc. with DIN EN 60529, i.e., they are dust- and watertight. We test the tightness of our enclosures using precisely defined procedures, in order that you can rely on them 100 percent.

Dust-proofing test (DIN EN 60529)

For the dust-proofing test for conformity to Degrees of Protection IP5X and IP6X, we use a dust chamber, in which the enclosure is continuously exposed throughout the test period to fouling with talcum powder. We test in this way:

Degree of Protection IP5X

  • At or without a negative pressure of 20 mbar 
  • Test duration: 8 hours

Degree of Protection IP6X

  • At 20 mbar negative pressure 
  • Test duration: 8 hours
Dust-proofing test (DIN EN 60529)

Waterproofing test (DIN EN 60529)

Protection against temporary immersion

  • Degrees of Protection IPX7/IPX8
  • Water pressure: 0.1 bar or as specified by customer
  • Test duration: 30 minutes/as specified by customer

Protection against water jets 

  • Degrees of Protection: IPX4, IPX5, IPX6 and NEMA 4
  • Test equipment: fan jet nozzle, spray head or jet nozzle
  • Volumetric flow of water: 10 l/min. to 246 l/min.
  • Distance: 100 mm to 3000 mm
  • Various emission angles

Protection against hot water jets

  • Degree of Protection IPX9
  • Water temperature: 80° C
  • Water pressure: 80 bar
  • Volumetric flow of water: 15 l/min.
Waterproofing test (DIN EN 60529)