Service for your complete HMI solution

  • Consulting & solution development - fast implementation of your individual solution by our in-house development department
  • Suspension arm systems
  • Panel PCs
  • Installation
  • After-Sales-Service
  • Seamless, documented quality management is part of our
  • Accessory components service
  • Hot-Line-Service
  • Online Meeting
  • Seminars for customers

  • Warranty extension up to 48 months at extra charge
  • Ready-to-Use-Installation
  • Test device provision
  • Remote maintenance
  • Provision of replacement equipment
  • Refurbishing
  • Support of device certifications
  • Recorded 24 h burn-in load test
  • Smooth, unbureaucratic repair service (up to complete repairs including third-party equipment)
  • Cross-selling - assembly / commissioning directly in the factory (assembly team ROSE)

PC tuning - we make your hardware ready to run again

You too can benefit from the cost-benefit factor by upgrading your hardware:

The call for economic and ecological action is becoming increasingly loud. ROSE Systemtechnik GmbH has always been committed to "energy reduction" and the economical use of increasingly scarce resources.

The extremely economical use of raw materials and other resources is a decisive criterion for the environmentally friendly and durable hardware of ROSE Systemtechnik GmbH. We have designed our computers in such a way that the design and the housing is noble and timeless (winner of the "Red dot Award" 2017). Thus, after the average operating time of the main components (display, CPU board etc.) has expired, the high-energy housings can continue to be used. In addition, our IPCs require only about 1/4 of the energy of a normal office PC - the extremely low power consumption has been made possible by a sophisticated energy management, fanless computer units and carefully selected components.

Refurbishing - resource-saving and energy-efficient

We offer you refurbishment solutions for our "outdated" equipment and bring it up to the latest state of the art.

The advantage is obvious:

  • by replacing individual main components (CPU, hard disk, graphics card, display, etc.), service times are reduced, in some cases considerably, and machines are ready for use again much more quickly
  • valuable resources and raw materials are recycled and thus preserved
  • cost savings through more energy-efficient hardware is possible
  • We repair and overhaul the equipment we supply, work out individual refurbishment strategies and solutions together with our customers and implement them professionally. On request, we can also provide a service network in Germany, Europe and worldwide.

Ask us - we will show you what is possible!

On request we can offer you additional services:

  • individual service agreements
  • on-site technician assignments, fault clearance & maintenance
  • immediate fault diagnosis by telephone, remote maintenance via "remote diagnosis"
  • Cost-saving reworking of assemblies and efficient spare parts handling

HMI CREations

Robust and reliable complete HMI solutions, customized to your requirements.