Computer technology - IPCs from standard to individual solutions

Our Panel PCs offer an optimal solution for use directly at the machine. Due to the modular design, the devices can be used for operation, programming, visualization, long-term archiving and simulation of processes in all areas of automation. All devices are long-term available and are manufactured according to the strictest quality assurance rules and are subjected to a 24-hour burn-in load test before delivery.

Device data

Industrial LED display
Viewing angle 178° h/v, MTBF time 50,000h


PCAP - Multitouch
Interference suppression, cover glass "EagleEtch GW95, chemically hardened


Intel Atom® E3845 to Intel® Core™ of the 7th generation*


SSD/HDD up to 1TB

Connections and extensions

Rear ports USB3.0, Gbit LAN, R232, HDMI/DP, WLAN, 2D scanner (S-Line series only), RFID, Bluetooth (depending on customer requirements)

Operating voltage

24VDC or 90-245VAC 50-60 Hz

Environmental conditions

Operating temperature 0 ~ 50° C*
Storage temperature -20 ~ 80° C
relative humidity 10 ~ 90 % non-condensing

Operating systems

Windows 10, others on request

Display technology - PCAP-Touches

A touch screen enables simple and intuitive operation and monitoring of systems and machines.

Resistive touch screen

Resistive touch screens react to pressure, which connects two electrically conductive layers at points. This technology ensures good operability with fingers, gloves and pens. The surface is relatively insensitive to dirt and is usually made of plastic. This technology is increasingly being replaced by PCAP technology.

Capacitive touch screen

The industrial PCAP touch is a variant of the capacitive touch. These touch sensors consist of rows and columns of transparent, conductive material, each of which is applied to a carrier layer of glass or foil. When a voltage is applied to this pattern of rows and columns, a uniform, measurable electrostatic field is generated. If a conductive object, e.g. a finger, comes close to the touch surface, the electrostatic field is disturbed at this point. This can be measured and evaluated in the form of a capacitance change.

Advantages of our PCAP-Touch are:

  • Insensitive to liquids
  • Cleaning is possible during operation, without touch trigger
  • Hand ball blanking - touch is not influenced by the ball of the thumb - up to five finger entries are simultaneously evaluated by the controller
  • Glove operability is retained
  • High transmission - very good light transmission
  • High EMC resistance