Polyester enclosures

Glass-fibre-reinforced polyester enclosures are used in many sectors of industry. Thanks to its extremely good resistance to aggressive fluids, this material is especially suitable for use in demanding ambient conditions. Resistance to UV radiation and to general outdoor exposure also permit the use of these enclosures outdoors. Internal components are reliably protected, since these enclosures are dust-tight and watertight and thus conform to IP 66.

Polyester enclosures are flame-retardant and self-extinguishing, and are thus also suitable for use as terminal enclosures in public buildings, for example.

The great strength of this material provides optimum preconditions for machining of the enclosures, to prepare them precisely to the customer's specifications for equipping with electromechanical components.

Modification of the material's composition makes it possible to tailor the material's properties to special requirements, including use in specific industries which have individual needs.