The CS Box is a series of unbreakable polyamide enclosures for unrestricted equipping with command devices, either mounted on the lid or on DIN rails.

This series consists of three sizes and a total of eight types (each with no holes in the lid or with 1 to 5 holes, depending on size, for command devices of a diameter of 22.5 mm).

The front and rear feature M20 and M25 threaded holes for cable entries, signifying that cables of differing diameters can be connected without the need for additional machining.

The entry hole not in use can be closed without difficulty using the blind plugs supplied with the enclosure.

A further highlight is the facility for easy wall mounting.

Partially open screw channels permit easy installation:

The user can firstly turn the two lower fixing screws into the wall/onto the machine without the enclosure, then position the enclosure on the screws, after which the lower screws can be fully tightened.

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