Ergonomic workplace design

The "GTV" series sets an exclamation mark in the ergonomic design of workplaces.

The requirement of the Machinery Directive for adaptation of the human/machine interface (HMI) to the foreseeable physical characteristics of the operating staff means that there are more and more calls for ergonomically designed machine workplaces.

The GTV's highlights include:

  • A design which causes the system to automatically remain in a stable
    position when the operator lets go of it and
  • A lockable type for applications in which a downward force acts during operation (example: control-panel type), and in which the system remains in a stable position when the switch is tripped.

A large load range, fine adjustment of which can be performed by the user on the machine, a generously dimensioned cable gland, which is located away from moving parts and thus effectively protects the cables installed, and elegant styling are only a few of the interesting properties of the new GTV height-adjustment system.

Included in delivery

Height adjustment incl. fixing material, bowden cable and push button included for versions with the locking option (assembly components for a connection to the machine and to the control enclosure are not included)

Technical Data


Connecting plates: EN 10088-2, 1.4301

Components: AC 44300, DIN EN 1706 (AlSi12)

Cable channel cover sheet: Polysterene


Powder coating, Connecting plates: RAL 7035, Cast parts: RAL 7035 / RAL 9007, Cable channel cover sheet: RAL 9005

Product Range
49.85 40 01 GTV1 OBH

49.85 40 02 GTV2 OBH

49.85 40 11 GTV1 MBH

49.85 40 12 GTV2 MBH

49.85 40 13 GTV3 MBH

49.85 40 14 GTV4 MBH

49.85 40 15 GTV5 MBH

49.85 41 01 GTV1 OBS

49.85 41 02 GTV2 OBS

49.85 41 11 GTV1 MBS

49.85 41 12 GTV2 MBS

49.85 41 13 GTV3 MBS

49.85 41 14 GTV4 MBS

49.85 41 15 GTV5 MBS