In the field of operating and display enclosures, customers can select from six different enclosure systems, and can thus find the best solution for their application:

The range extends from the simple Commander 1/1F for smaller extensions, which is based on our standard aluminium enclosures and is thus extremely robust, up to and including the SL 4000, which is based on aluminium profiles and is the youngest member of this product family.

ROSE provides an individual preparation service for all control enclosures from orders of just one item; this includes, for example

  • Individual height, width and depth dimensions
  • Preparation of front panel, rear panel and side profiles
  • Individual colour finishes to match your CI concept, up to and including individual screen printing
  • Equipping to customers' specifications, up to the complete system

One special feature of our aluminium control enclosures is their outstanding thermal conductivity. This property is better by a multiple in aluminium enclosures than in their steel counterparts, with the result that extra cooling elements can in many cases be omitted.

We are at your disposal for the development of a unique customised control enclosure if the present systems are, occasionally, not adequate to meet your needs.