Compressor cooling systems

The compressor cooling systems were developed for the cooling of small control enclosures, operating enclosures and control stations. They are easily mounted through a cut-out, usually in the rear wall of the enclosure. The compressor cooling systems ensure maximum cooling capacity with minimum space requirements. They are maintenance-free and safe as they have a cooling capacity of 200 to 450 watts and work without filter mats. The condenser profile of the heat exchanger with its wide-ribbed aluminum profile, with optimized air inlets and outlets, provides over 20% more cooling capacity and thus safety in industrial use.

The built-in microcontroller system sorts in the respective application for optimal control of the cooling system. The robust compact enclosure with its depth of only 110 mm is currently one of the smallest units on the market. The alternative installation or mounting option allows an optimal utilization of the available installation space. The environmentally friendly R134a is used as refrigerant.


Product Range
ProduktbildOrder-No. Dimensions H x W x D (mm)TypePDF3DDatasheetInquiry

83.10 02 01

270 x 520 x 110


83.10 02 02

520 x 340 x 110


83.10 02 03

320 x 520 x 110


83.10 02 04

320 x 600 x 110