Trade-fair dates

You can find information on ROSE Systemtechnik GmbH's upcoming trade-fair appearances here. Please feel free to visit us at our booths and inform yourself personally. On site you will be advised by our competent team.

22.01.2021automation & electronics - 05.-06.10.2022

ROSE Systemtechnik - SIAMS 2020
22.01.2021SIAMS - 05.-08.04.2022

Moutier, Switzerland (Exhibitor: Phoenix Mecano)

ROSE Systemtechnik - SPS 2019
21.01.2021SPS Nuremberg - 23-25.11.2021

Nuremberg, Germany (Exhibitor: ROSE Systemtechnik)

Meorga Landshut - ROSE Systemtechnik
21.01.2021Meorga Landshut - 27.10.2021

Landshut, Germany (Exhibitor: ROSE Systemtechnik)

23.08.2021EDS - 19.-20.10.2021

Coventry, United Kingdom (Exhibitor: Phoenix Mecano)

23.08.2021HazardEx - 06.-07.10.2021

Harrogate, United Kingdom (Exhibitor: ROSE Systemtechnik)

22.01.2021Motek - 05.-08.10.2021

Stuttgart, Germany (Exhibitor: Phoenix Mecano)

All about automation Chemnitz - ROSE Systemtechnik
21.01.2021All about automation Chemnitz - 22-23.09.2021

Chemnitz, Germany (Exhibitor: ROSE Systemtechnik)

21.01.2021Meorga Ludwigshafen - 15.09.2021

Ludwigshafen, Germany (Exhibitor: ROSE Systemtechnik)

ROSE Systemtechnik - Sindex
22.01.2021SINDEX - 31.08.-02.09.2021

Bern, Switzerland (Exhibitor: Phoenix Mecano)