Little helpers for a great show

Whether they are young or old, everybody knows and loves the Ehrlich Brothers. But what have ROSE Systemtechnik’s handheld enclosures got to do with the famous brothers’ show? The answer is simple – they are used to guarantee the secure, problem-free controlling of the pyrotechnics during the events.

The Ehrlich Brothers have been delighting the fans for many years, presenting their tricks on stage or TV – tricks which look easy to perform, but are actually the result of hard work and countless hours of practising. For every show, the Ehrlich Brothers travel with a crew of 70, and in 10 trucks. More than 30 km of cables need to be laid, and over 500 special effects prepared.

Sturdy, tough enclosures ensure safety

ROSE Systemtechnik’s Pilot 250 handheld enclosure is used to guarantee the safe monitoring and controlling of the pyrotechnics. The sturdy enclosures in the Pilot series provide IP65 ingress protection in accordance with EN 60529, and they have a high level of impact resistance. The operating temperature range is between -40°C and +60°C, which makes these enclosures ideal for use in the pyrotechnics sector. The ergonomic handle and the various sizes also make possible optimised handling for ease-of-use, and also the fitting of a very wide range of components. Other applications for these enclosures can also be found in industry, for example in control and operating systems as used in automation technology, motor vehicles, machine tools, CNC machining centres, special machines or control engineering systems.

Flexible enclosure technology to meet individual requirements

The handheld Pilot 250 enclosures provide plenty of installation space and prepared fixing points for membrane keypads, switches, push-buttons or PCBs The cover on the back can easily be removed and used, for example, for a battery compartment, interfaces, or the fast exchange of electronics. The enclosure is available in two variants, namely as polyamide enclosures with a closed front plate lid, or as polyamide enclosures with a lid frame for customer-specific front plates. In addition, and within the framework of the Pilot series, the enclosure specialist from Porta Westfalica offers more operating enclosures for industrial use and which can be modified, processed or upgraded to meet customers’ wishes.