AluFormPlus enclosures from ROSE Systemtechnik make INDUK measuring instrument fit for the future

ROSE Systemtechnik.

In addition to standard power sensors and torque transducers for industrial use, INDUK concerns itself with the development and manufacture of application-specific solutions which deal with an extremely wide range of requirements. Over the years, the manufacturer has also expanded its range of products to include customer-specific power and torque test benches. Thanks to comprehensive knowledge and skills in these sectors, the manufacturer is able to produce even small quantities of special versions of these, at short notice and yet cost-effectively. In the field of weighing technology, INDUK also supplies special designs if required, but primarily it offers a complete solution consisting of one or more load cells, installation parts, electronics, software and commissioning.

Induk GmbH was founded in October 1998 when subdivisions of the Erichsen Prüftechnik Wuppertal GmbH company were purchased from the American Ametek group by some of the workforce. The newly-founded company started operational activities on January 1, 1999, and took over all the staff in the DMS sensor sector of the former Erichsen/Wuppertal company.

In the course of time, the Deutscher Ring site became too small, and in December 2008 the company moved to more generously-designed and modern rooms at the new Giebel 30 headquarters in Wuppertal. This ensured that the company was able to continue to develop. Today, what customers appreciate about INDUK is that they always have competent contact persons available who have many years of experience in the named fields of business.

Torque gauges for various applications

One of INDUK‘s most important product is the mechanical MVD torque gauge.. It has been widely used in industry for many years and is used to measure opening forces on screw-cap containers. The device makes it possible to measure, check and control screw-on and unscrew torques on bottles, jars and cans, to determine the torques of screw and push-on connectors, and to determine torsion in springs.

The parts to be tested are placed in a special chuck whose clamping range – with an additional insert – is from 7 to 140 mm diameter. The torques which are determined in this way can be read off on a dial gauge with a 72 mm scale diameter. An integrated drag pointer displays the measurement values directly in – for example – Ncm, and is fitted with a reset button. The gauge is used primarily in the beverages industry, but also in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. In some cases, even module and parts tests are possible with the MVD.

Tried-and-tested for years in a range of sectors

“Devices of this kind have been manufactured since the 1950s,” says Dennis Weber, who is responsible at INDUK for mechanical manufacture and materials procurements. Since then, he continued, only the component pick-up – the vice – had undergone a major alteration in the newer versions. “Just as with many devices in our product range, there were also many customer-specific versions of it.” As the MVD had been getting outdated, both technically and visually, it was time for a comprehensive overhaul.

In order to deal with the stresses of the tests, the mechanism of the gauge is fitted in a metal enclosure which stands on rubber tip-up feet. “Unfortunately, the enclosure which we used in the past was only available as a custom-made product at enormously high prices. The “replacement design” in standard enclosures which can contain our mechanism was much too big, and the look was unsuitable,” Weber explains. This is why INDUK’s experts started to look for an alternative metal enclosure which could be used to give the MVD a facelift. “Of the products that we looked at, ROSE Systemtechnik’s AluFormPlus enclosure seemed to us to be very suitable, and the initial test confirmed this,” Weber says.

AluFormPlus: Sturdy, ergonomic and modern

The AluFormPlus aluminium enclosure series AluFormPlus has an especially sturdy design, which makes it suitable for a large number of applications, even in challenging work environments. It consists of a high-quality aluminium alloy and, because of IP 66 protection, is dustproof and provides protection against strong jets of water. On request, and following a test in the company‘s own test laboratory, Prüflabor even higher protection classes can be achieved. For outdoor applications, ROSE Systemtechnik also offers to apply a seawater resistant coating which provides additional protection against corrosion. The AluFormPlus enclosures provide impact resistance of seven Joule according to EN 60079-0. Depending on the seal used (polyurethane, chloroprene or silicone), AluFormPlus can be used in a temperature range from -60 to +130°C.

The lid hinge – fitted as standard – allows the user easy access to the electronics or mechanisms inside the enclosure. The lid is easy to open, and because of the hinge it is captive-connected to the base. A rectangular arrangement of the bosses in the base and lid means that PCBs can be mounted in the enclosure without any additional processing work. Also, in the base of the aluminium enclosures there are mounting brackets for the fitting of DIN rails. In addition, the aluminium die-cast enclosure provides all-round generously-sized mounting areas for cable glands or electromechanical components. Sensitive components are given additional protection in the recessed front surfaces. The lid of the AluFormPlus is ideal for the fitting of membrane keypads or touch displays.

In spite of its sturdy construction, the AluFormPlus has an attractive appearance. The design profile conceals the lid screws, so the enclosure appears to be a single unit. Thanks to the neutral colouring (enclosure RAL 7035, light grey; profiles RAL 7015, slate grey), AluFormPlus matches all machines. In addition, ROSE Systemtechnik offers to design the enclosure and the cover profiles in specific special colours for its customers in order to comply with the company‘s individual corporate design.

Lower than the price of the old solution

In the past, Dennis Weber’s experience of ROSE Systemtechnik’s products was always very good. For a long time, INDUK had been using Profitronic and Aluminium-Standard enclosures for customer-specific applications. Weber thinks highly of the accuracy of fit, the long delivery capability, the sturdiness and the practical accessories in the range of ROSE products. INDUK is also very satisfied with the AluFormPlus enclosure. Decisive features in favour of the AluFormPlus enclosures for the torque gauge are, Weber says, the two-colour design, the mechanical processing with all the required breakthroughs, and the low price when compared with the enclosures which were used in the past. Only the hinge was unsuitable for the intended purposes of the torque gauge, Weber explained, which is why in future INDUK intends to use catch covers on both sides.

INDUK is extremely satisfied with the cooperation so far with ROSE Systemtechnik. Weber stresses that the prices are always competitive, and that the technical contact persons remain the same people for many years. For this reason, the intention is to continue to work closely on future projects with ROSE, the enclosure specialist from Porta Westfalica.

Application report - AluFormPlus makes the INDUK measuring device fit for the future