ROSE aluminum enclosure protects particulate matter sensor

AluForm Plus monitors the quality of the room air

The air we breathe has a significant impact on our health. Therefore, it must be regularly checked for particulate matter in both industrial and public areas. ROSE Systemtechnik GmbH offers a new aluminum housing that reliably protects the sensitive electronics of emission measuring instruments in a wide variety of applications. Fine dust occurs everywhere and is caused, among other things, by industrial processes. In order to protect the environment and human health worldwide, the permanent monitoring of dust emissions is becoming increasingly important. In industrial plants, compliance with limit values is therefore often prescribed by country-specific legal conditions. The Dr. Födisch Umweltmesstechnik AG offers dust measurement technology for official and operational measurements, which is used in a wide variety of industries.

Environmental protection through sensor technology

Founded in 1991 Dr. Födisch Umweltmesstechnik AG specializes in the development and manufacturing of devices for process and environmental measurement technology. Power plants, cement plants, incinerators for waste, biomass and sewage sludge as well as plants of the chemical and metallurgical industries are among the areas of application of the measuring device manufacturer. Its product portfolio includes not only dust measurement but also innovative solutions for the analysis of gases or volume flow measurements. The former 25-man operation has evolved over the years into a global leader in emissions measurement. „The conviction that our technologies make the environment cleaner and the world a little better is what drives us,“ emphasizes company founder Dr.-Ing. Holger Födisch. „Our environmental meters are designed to help plant operators around the world comply with emission limits.“

„Our environmental meters are designed to help plant operators around the world comply with emission limits.“

At Dr. Födisch the development to the delivery of the finished end product, the measuring technology is continuously tested in order to meet the high requirements of the internal quality management system and to comply with the relevant European standards. As a service provider with more than 25 years of experience in process and environmental metrology, the company offers customized solutions for a wide variety of industries.

Fine dust sensor for the protection of health

The newly developed fine dust sensor FDS 15 of Dr. Ing. Födisch AG is an easy-to-use measuring device that is optimally suited for industrial use and convinces through a good price-performance ratio. The unit continuously monitors particulate matter levels in the ambient air to avoid health hazards - whether indoors or outdoors, mobile or stationary. However, the sensor is used not only in production facilities, workshops or factory halls, but also in offices and public facilities such as hospitals or schools to monitor indoor air quality.

The determination of the dust content by the fine dust sensor FDS 15 is based on the principle of scattered light measurement.

The intake air is preheated to 50°C. A forced flow then takes place via an integrated fan. The velocity of the sample gas is chosen so that particles are detected representative. For the analysis of respirable particle fractions (PM 2.5), an integrated pre-separator is used. „This way, the proportion of dust can be determined whose particles are so small that they penetrate into the alveoli as they breathe in,“ explains Holger Födisch. The device provides periodic control and correction of zero point and reference point. High zero stability is achieved by evaluating the internal measurement signals. The smart sensor can also be networked with other air quality or climate sensors via WLAN.

Industrial housing protects sensitive electronics

The electronics of the complex measuring system will be installed in the new aluminum housing AluFormPlus of ROSE Systemtechnik
GmbH. The electronics housing is made of a high-quality material alloy and conforms to protection class IP66. It provides 7 Joule impact
resistance to EN 60079-0 and provides reliable protection against dust and high jets of water, even in harsh industrial environments.

„Above all, the elegant design of the new product family AluFormPlus convinced us"

At the time of the new development of the fine dust sensor FDS 15, the robust aluminum housing of a field sales representative of the housing manufacturer at Dr. Ing. Födisch presented in detail. „Above all, the elegant design of the new product family AluFormPlus convinced us,“ reports Holger Födisch. The cover profiles of the housing, for example, cleverly conceal the cover screws and thus give the industrial housing a high-quality appearance. „That‘s why the aluminum die-cast housing is particularly suitable for use in the field of vision,“ continues Födisch. The housing specialist ROSE attaches great importance to ensuring a particularly good service for maximum customer satisfaction. Therefore, the company offers its customers the ability to select specific spot colors for both the case and cover profiles to match the components of the company‘s individual corporate design. For the implementation of the CI concept of Dr. Ing. Födisch AG, the AluFormPlus was produced in the desired color RAL 7024, powder-coated green and provided with screen printing. The service was completed by ROSE through the mechanical processing of the housing bases to accommodate cable glands for the cable outputs of the controller.

„Another particularly positive feature of ROSE‘s aluminum enclosures is the combination of cover and base with integrated hinges - so nothing can be lost,“ says Holger Födisch, praising the sophisticated housing technology. „This allows technicians to work comfortably on the electronics, even during maintenance of already installed systems.“

The rectangular dome arrangement in the lower part and lid of the AluFormPlus makes it possible to install printed circuit boards in the housing without additional processing. In addition, in the lower part of the aluminum housing fastening webs for the installation of mounting rails. The industrial housing also offers generous mounting surfaces for cable glands or electromechanical components. In the recessed faces find sensitive fittings additional protection. The lid of the AluFormPlus is ideal for holding membrane keypads or touch displays.

All-round service meets all expectation

ROSE Systemtechnik is considered a pioneer of industrial enclosure technology. In 1969, the idea of a standardized connection housing for engines and machines was born. Over the years, this has resulted in a product range with more than 2,000 enclosures. In order to be able to flexibly realize individual adjustments for its customers, the company has extensive options for mechanical processing and surface refinement in its state-of-the-art plant in Porta Westfalica. In this way, users not only receive off-the-shelf industrial enclosures, but solutions that are optimally adapted to their needs - and that from lot size 1. If required, special housings can also be designed if no standard housing is suitable for the respective application. With this individual offer, ROSE sets itself apart from the competition, which does not offer this service. „Our requirements for the aluminum housing for the fine dust sensor FDS 15 were not only met in the best possible way by ROSE, but thanks to the outstanding service performance, our special requests were implemented quickly and reliably,“ Holger Födisch concludes.