Enclosure technology for production lines

ROSE Systemtechnik also produces special enclosures for panel PCs, which are used, for example, for the control of production lines in, for instance, the assembly of car engines. Such systems not only efficiently control the production processes, they also visually display all operations for the employee. The SL 3000 and SL 4000 Commander models from ROSE's broad product portfolio are used especially frequently in motor-vehicle production applications.

Our special enclosures for control and display systems can be modified to customers' wishes:

  • We can fit the necessary electronics
  • We can adapt them to the size of the IPCs / control system
  • We can make installation openings, for fan filter units, for example
  • We can, on request, integrate various connector modules
  • We can, on request, implement screw-hole arrangements for flange fixing
  • We can produce the enclosure in the colour you specify

Commander SL 4000

Our Commander SL 4000 is the modern enclosure system for all widely used control and display systems. 

Further benefits:

  • The height and width of the enclosure can be varied, and there are three enclosure depths
  • Door hinges and closure systems are extremely installation- and user-friendly.
  • The Commander has an integrated handle system.
Commander SL 4000

Commander SL 3000

Our Commander SL 3000 is a universal control enclosure for automation technology. It is especially robust and is, thanks to an opening in the front panel, easy to maintain.

Further benefits:

  • variable height, width and depth
  • pivoting door profiles at front and rear
  • direct installation of the control system or via the front panel
Commander SL 3000

Other properties of these two enclosure systems:

  • Degree of Protection IP65 as per EN 60529
  • Service-temperature range: -30° C to +80° C
  • Sealing: PE, CR or PU foam
  • Profile material: DIN EN 573 EN AW-AlMgSi; 
  • Cast corner material: DIN EN AC-AlSi 12 Cu 1 (Fe)
Other properties of these two enclosure systems: