All-rounders for all control enclosures

Practically all ROSE supporting-arm systems are used, in general, in motor-vehicle production. The GTN II design-aluminium support system, a closed profile system with a freely accessible cable duct, is particularly popular. This system can be ideally combined with the height-adjustable GTV system.

The height-adjustable GTV system provides the following benefits:

  • Load range from 20 to 60 kg 
  • Ergonomic workplace design
  • The user can adjust the load range precisely
  • Can be combined with the GTL / GTN II suspension systems and with control enclosures
  • Lockable or freely positionable types 
  • Linking to standard components possible
All-rounders for all control enclosures

Supporting-arm systems for ergonomic workplaces

Compact industrial-standard PCs which indicate to the worker the operations that must be performed next are frequently used at manual stations on engine assembly lines. The components of ROSE's GTK electronic system are outstandingly suitable for suspension of these devices. The supporting-arm system is supplied complete with the following components:

  • Tilt adapter
  • Swivel joints
  • Couplings
  • Aluminium profiles
  • Angle sections


    Our GTK electronic industrial supporting-arm systems for compact control enclosures provide the following benefits:

  • They are highly flexible and assure ergonomic mounting of the operating or information panel to permit fatigue-free work. 
  • They can be modularly structured.
  • They permit unobstructed access to the cable duct.
Supporting-arm systems for ergonomic workplaces

Support system for heavy loads

ROSE Systemtechnik's GTL aluminium profile suspension system is suitable for the safe suspension of heavy loads in the automotive industry. 

  • GTL can be combined with other systems from ROSE's GT family of products and control enclosures.
  • The supporting-arm system incorporates facilities for adjustment for horizontal orientation of the profile.
  • Maximum static load is 125 kg.
Support system for heavy loads