Presentation of Finow plant

ROSE Systemtechnik's Finow plant is located in Eberswalde, Brandenburg, around 50 km to the north-east of Berlin. Industrial enclosures, operating enclosures and supports, and also accessories, have been produced here on just on 6,000 m2 of space for twenty-seven years.

The Finow plant specialises in the production of customised enclosures and suspension systems. Industrial enclosures are finished to customers' requirements at the plant, and then individually equipped. Operating enclosures and suspension systems are produced entirely in Finow. The principal activities are the cutting to size, machining, stud welding, coating and assembly of the enclosures and the supports.


History of the Finow plant

October 1990

Founding of PHOENIX FINOW Elektrotechnik GmbH

January 1991

Entry in the Register of Companies at the Frankfurt/Oder Local Court

April 1991

Initial start of production in injection-moulding shop (Plastics production sector)

July 1991

Initial start of production in enclosure assembly (Metals production sector)

December 1991

Making of a management and profit-transfer agreement with ROSE Systemtechnik GmbH (then still trading as ROSE Elektrotechnik GmbH & Co. KG)

January 1998

Merging of the participating companies and change of name to ROSE Gehäusetechnik GmbH

Phased transfer/hiving out of the injection-moulding shop production sector to Romania

2005 - 2006

Restructuring of the Metals production sector

January 2007

Change of name to ROSE Systemtechnik, Finow Plant

February 2012

Entry in the Register of Companies at the Bad Oeynhausen Local Court

March 2012